Family Owned And Operated Since 1947


Rayelco Generator Company repairs parts to match original OEM specifications, following strict quality control guidelines to ensure quality and reliability.

All of our parts are completely rebuilt.  All critical and moving parts are replaced with quality new ones.  Other components are machined as necessary.  The result is a heavy duty, reliable part; often outperforming an OEM part.

When necessary, we:

  • Disassemble part.
  • Clean outside parts using a solvent washer (by hand), sandblaster (by hand), steel shot blaster (machine), or tumble washer (vibratory cleaning machine).
  • Inspect casing and other metal parts for tolerances. These parts are replaced if we find excessive wear.
  • Replace seals, gaskets, oil rings, bearings, and moving parts.
  • Test part using sophisticated testing machines under simulated road conditions.
  • Coat components with a high quality, moisture resisting marine sealant.
  • Coat components with red insulating varnish to resist cracking, chipping, reduce current leakage, resist chemicals, oil, and moisture.
  • Paint part to match original color, and protect with clear varnish.